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I'm a psychologist with a Ph.D. in Applied Experimental / Human Factors Psychology. I work at Riot Games as a user researcher. I like science, games, and things that are nice.



Check out TextExpander’s new “Fill” functionality. In. Sane.

My love for TextExpander knows no bounds.

Pasties for the three snippets I mentioned (which need to be tweaked for your own setup):

Also mentioned: Make Link is an indispensible Firefox plugin that lets you grab a customized, marked-up, “one-click” pasteboard of the current web page (including variables for title, URL, and quoted text).

Man. One day, I will say “suck it” with as much confidence as Merlin. It will not be about Textexpander, though. It will probably be about a p-value or an R squared value or something.

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    I go away for a week to welcome our new son into the world and Merlin posts a nerdy productivity software video. Phew....
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    Merlin Mann’s posts are almost always entertaining, and often useful. This one is hella useful.
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